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Breaking Beginnings & Professional Career | Do-Knock (Supercr3w) | #SXSTV


Our Part 1 Interview with Jon Cruz aka Do-Knock (Battle Monkeys, Full Force, Super Cr3w) explores his beginnings of Hip Hop and Bboy’ing. Learning from his brother, watching old VHS tapes, breaking with SFA (sent from above), and his first jam Bboy Summit ’99.

Do-Knock shares a lot of knowledge about what breaking inspired him to be, overcoming teachers telling him he couldn’t, and a great story about his transition from “Baby Legs” to “Do Knock.”

Pay attention to important themes within this interview as he talks about “Crash to Create,” something Bboy Ivan would always say to expanding your dance.

Our Part 2 Interview with Jon Cruz aka Do-Knock (Battle Monkeys, Full Force, Super Cr3w) takes us on a journey through his TV/Movie career. From Star Search to You Got Served to a number of music videos to Battle of the Year, Do-Knock discusses the opportunities and what he learned.

Finally Do-Knock brings it all together talking about Chris Brown’s respect for bboys and breakin sharing some behind the scenes stories with us.

All in all in this interview, Do-Knock becomes an example to bboys/bgirls all over the world by sharing why its ok to be in the culture and taking jobs in the industry.

Feature #9 with Do-Knock (SuperCr3w, Battle Monkeys, SuperJabba) filmed in Downtown Las Vegas at Ogden Mart. All about enjoying a beautiful day, getting down in front of the local mart, and vibing with people walking down the street.

The video features the classic, signature style of Do-Knock with a hint of never before seen moves to which the SuperCr3w member will be commanding in battles with the crew this year.

Weather was perfect. The People were amazing. Ogden Mart is the coolest deli/mart in Las Vegas. And Steve the Homeless Art guy was mad inspiring. All in all this video displays an organic feeling of happiness through dance and life itself.

Thank you for watching.

Arturo Cecena ( Step x Step Las Vegas and Host)

Filmed by: C-Bass & MPArt
Edited by: Do-Knock

Busta Rhymes – Thank You (Featuring Q-Tip)

Ogden Mart: (seriously amazing sandwiches and great people)
823 E Ogden Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 387-0006



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